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Feedback Report from EFIC 2019


The European Pain Congress is hosted biennially by the European Federation of IASP Chapters.  The congress is a melting pot of discussions around the most relevant new academic focus areas in the field of pain medicine. In 2019, the EFIC congress was held in the Spanish coastal city of Valencia.  The theme of the congress was “Bring the Future to [...]

Feedback Report from EFIC 20192019-09-25T11:23:00+02:00

Atopic Dermatitis


Introduction Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that is characterised by pruritic lesions, xerosis and lichenification.1 The incessant itch is the most debilitating symptom of the condition and persistent scratching may lead to broken skin, infection and inflammation.1,2 The condition is intermittent, with flares followed by periods of remission.1 The cause of the flare is often unknown.1 [...]

Atopic Dermatitis2019-09-13T10:24:34+02:00

An overview of cold and flu management


GP PHARMA UPDATE Abstract Common colds and flu are caused by very different viruses but share similar symptoms. The common cold is a self-limiting upper respiratory tract infection and it is caused by a rhinovirus, coronavirus or adenovirus. It usually resolves within 7-10 days. The flu is caused by the influenza virus and typically presents with headaches, myalgia, fever and [...]

An overview of cold and flu management2019-09-13T10:25:47+02:00

Revisiting Aspirin for primary cardiovascular disease


Revisiting Aspirin for primary cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention: How can we improve patient outcomes without causing harm… The active ingredient in Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, has multiple biological actions on various body systems. These include reduced platelet activation and inhibition of subsequent aggregation, as well as anti-inflammatory properties but it also results in increased gastric acid production and vasoconstriction via its [...]

Revisiting Aspirin for primary cardiovascular disease2019-09-13T10:25:34+02:00

Hands on management of muscle pain and injuries


Introduction The most common types of sport activities associated with sporting injuries are2: Running or jogging. Contact sports –rugby, soccer, hockey and boxing. Racket sports- tennis, badminton. Volleyball. Basketball. Heavy weight lifting Cycling.. Golfing. Swimming. Topical therapies are often highly effective for managing sports-related muscle sprains and strains. The skin is essential for maintaining body homeostasis and for preventing uptake [...]

Hands on management of muscle pain and injuries2019-09-13T10:25:25+02:00

An overview of Sore Throat


GP PHARMA UPDATE Pharyngitis, or sore throat, is most commonly a symptom of pharyngeal inflammation and is a common complaint among children, adolescents and adults.1It refers to a painful sensation and inflammation of the pharynx (back of throat).2 Viral infections, such as a common cold or influenza, or a substantial bacterial infection, such as tonsillitis, are possible causes of a [...]

An overview of Sore Throat2019-09-13T10:25:06+02:00

Acute viral bronchiolitis: Dawn of a new era for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection through vaccination


Many cases of bronchiolitis are caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which was first identified in 1956 as causing illness in humans. Despite ongoing efforts since the 1960s to develop an RSV vaccine, it has remained elusive. The RSV vaccine research agenda experienced a major setback after the increased susceptibility to severe RSV disease and death in children who [...]

Acute viral bronchiolitis: Dawn of a new era for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection through vaccination2019-09-12T11:12:36+02:00

Acute Viral Bronchiolitis in South Africa: Diagnosis and Current Management


This issue of CME profiles acute viral bronchiolitis – a common condition that is often not serious. Nonetheless, each year a number of infants, particularly those with an underlying susceptibility to severe disease, are admitted to hospital or even to paediatric intensive care units. This series of articles highlights the diagnostic principles involved, and emphasises the principles of management and [...]

Acute Viral Bronchiolitis in South Africa: Diagnosis and Current Management2019-09-12T11:12:55+02:00

A brief discussion about diagnosing cirrhosis


Introduction Cirrhosis represents the final pathological endpoint of a variety of chronic liver insults. While awareness of the condition and many of its important causes is virtually universal among clinicians, there appears to be reluctance to use this diagnostic term even in patients presenting with classical features. This article attempts to provide some guidance in diagnosing cirrhosis while reflecting on [...]

A brief discussion about diagnosing cirrhosis2019-09-12T11:13:14+02:00

‘Public health campaigns are still focused around fear, prevention and delay’


An urgent solution is needed to address the decline in condom use amongst young people. That's according to reproductive health experts and consultant at Nalane for Reproductive Justice and Member of the Sexual and Reproductive Coalition (SRJC) Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng. South Africa is currently battling a high rate of new HIV infections, particularly in women. READ: 'Condom use still very [...]

‘Public health campaigns are still focused around fear, prevention and delay’2019-04-24T09:40:45+02:00

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